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Get Well Flowers
AMBER AWE $55.00
Hospitals and Health Care Providers in Our Delivery Area:
Name Address Phone
505 Dental Associates505 Claremont Parkway Bronx, NY. 10457(718) 299-3600
Albert Einstein College Of Medicine Dosa Next Step1967 Turnbull Avenue Suite 34 Bronx, NY. 10473(718) 597-3888
Albert Einstein-Weiler Hosp1825 Eastchester Rd Bronx, NY. 10461(718) 904-2000
Andrew Freedman Home1125 Grand Concourse Bronx, NY. 10452(718) 293-8100
Argus Community Inc Harbor House Mica Treatment Pr402 East 156th Street Bronx, NY. 10455(718) 993-2376
Argus Community Inc Outpatient Drug Abuse Clinic760 East 160th Street Bronx, NY. 10456(718) 401-5700
Atria Riverdale/senior Quarter3718 Henry Hudson Pkwy E Bronx, NY. 10463(718) 432-2448
Bainbridge Nursing Home3518 Bainbridge Ave Bronx, NY. 10467(718) 655-1991
Baptist Home For The Aged3260 Henry Hudson Pkwy Bronx, NY. 10463(718) 549-1700
Bedford Park Group Home236 Bedford Park Blvd Bronx, NY. 10458(718) 220-3849
Beth Abraham Health Svc2401 White Plains Rd Bronx, NY. 10467(718) 515-8600
Beth Abraham Health Svc612 Allerton Ave Bronx, NY. 10467(718) 519-5900
Beth Abraham Health Svc2515 Olinville Ave # 5g Bronx, NY. 10467(718) 231-8647
Beth Abraham Hospital612 Allerton Ave Bronx, NY. 10467(718) 519-0152
Bronx Addiction Treatment Center Cd Inpatient Reha1500 Waters Place Building 13 Bronx, NY. 10461(718) 904-0026
Bronx Care Medical Practice2737 3rd Ave Bronx, NY. 10451(718) 838-1000
Bronx Children's Psychiatric1000 Waters Pl Bronx, NY. 10461(718) 239-3600
Bronx Ctr-Rehab & Healthcare1010 Underhill Ave Bronx, NY. 10472(718) 863-6700
Bronx Healthcare Physicians1770 Grand Concourse # 2g Bronx, NY. 10457(718) 518-5581
Bronx Lebanon Hosp Ctr-Meth3100 3rd Ave Bronx, NY. 10451(718) 579-2600
Bronx Lebanon Hospital Center853 Tiffany St Bronx, NY. 10459(718) 239-4790
Bronx Lebanon Hospital Center Alcoholism Halfway H321 East Tremont Avenue Bronx, NY. 10457(718) 518-3700
Bronx Lebanon Spec Care Home1265 Fulton Ave Bronx, NY. 10456(718) 579-7000
Bronx Psychiatric Ctr1500 Waters Pl Bronx, NY. 10461(718) 931-0600
Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Ctr1276 Fulton Ave Bronx, NY. 10456(718) 590-1800
Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Ctr1265 Franklin Ave Fl 3 Bronx, NY. 10456(718) 901-8236
Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Ctr1650 Grand Concourse Bronx, NY. 10457(718) 590-1800
Calvary Hospital1740 Eastchester Rd Bronx, NY. 10461(718) 863-6900
Calvary Hospital1740 Eastchester Rd Bronx, NY. 10461(718) 518-2000
Cardiothoracic Surgery Dept1575 Blondell Ave # 125 Bronx, NY. 10461(718) 405-8248
City Wide Ambulance Svc2460 Rowe St Bronx, NY. 10461(718) 597-6100
City Wide Nurses Registry Inc3910 White Plains Rd Frnt Bronx, NY. 10466(718) 231-3800
Comprehensive Family Care Ctr1621 Eastchester Rd Bronx, NY. 10461(718) 405-8040
Concourse Nursing Home1072 Grand Concourse Bronx, NY. 10456(718) 681-4000
Concourse Plaza Medical Cmplx220 E 161st St Bronx, NY. 10451(718) 537-5000
Crotona Park Family Practice1591 Fulton Ave Ofc 1 Bronx, NY. 10457(718) 901-6470
Daughters Of Jacob Geriatric1160 Teller Ave Bronx, NY. 10456(718) 293-1500
Dental Administration1650 Selwyn Ave # 10b Bronx, NY. 10457(718) 960-2018
Dr Martin Luther King Jr Hlth3674 3rd Ave Bronx, NY. 10456(718) 681-3400
East Haven Nursing & Rehab2323 Eastchester Rd Bronx, NY. 10469(718) 655-2848
Eastchester Park Nursing Home2700 Eastchester Rd Bronx, NY. 10469(718) 231-5550
Fairfield Division-Hebrew Home3220 Henry Hudson Pkwy E Bronx, NY. 10463(718) 549-9400
Federation Of Puerto Rican621 Bryant Ave Bronx, NY. 10474(718) 589-6990
Fordham Arms Home For Adults2915 Williamsbridge Rd Bronx, NY. 10467(718) 655-3433
Fordham Plz Hemodialysis1 Fordham Plz # 18 Bronx, NY. 10458(718) 960-3860
Fordham Tremont Mental Health817 E 180th St Bronx, NY. 10460(718) 933-1500
Fort Schuyler House Inc3077 Cross Bronx Expy # 465 Bronx, NY. 10465(718) 597-4100
Frances Schervier Home Care2975 Independence Ave Bronx, NY. 10463(718) 884-5612
Gold Crest Care Ctr2316 Bruner Ave Bronx, NY. 10469(718) 882-6400
Grand Concourse Family Health2202 Grand Concourse Bronx, NY. 10457(718) 365-6260
Grand Manor Nursing Home700 White Plains Rd Bronx, NY. 10473(718) 518-8892
Hebrew Home Nursing Dvlpmnt5961 Palisade Ave Bronx, NY. 10471(718) 543-2905
Hebrew Home-Aged At Riverdale5901 Palisade Ave Bronx, NY. 10471(718) 549-8700
Hebrew Hospital Home Inc801 Co Op City Blvd Bronx, NY. 10475(718) 379-5020
Help/project Samaritan Inc1401 University Ave Bronx, NY. 10452(718) 681-8708
Independent Order-Odd Fellows1072 Havemeyer Ave Bronx, NY. 10462(718) 863-6200
Inwood Avenue Primary Care1543 Inwood Ave Bronx, NY. 10452(718) 466-8440
Ismile Orthodontics - Bronx1100 Pelham Pkwy S Suite #1 Bronx, NY. 10461(718) 550-2366
Jacobi Medical Ctr1400 Pelham Pkwy S # 300 Bronx, NY. 10461(718) 918-5700
Jewish Home & Hospital2900 Exterior St Bronx, NY. 10463(718) 367-1125
Jewish Home & Hospital100 W Kingsbridge Rd Bronx, NY. 10468(718) 579-0500
Jewish Home & Hospital2550 Webb Ave Bronx, NY. 10468(718) 579-0236
Jewish Home & Hospital-Aged2545 University Ave Bronx, NY. 10468(718) 579-0220
Jonas Bronck Housing Co230 E 179th St # 11e Bronx, NY. 10457(718) 299-5636
Judith Lynn Home For Adults1800 Waring Ave Bronx, NY. 10469(718) 379-4400
Kings Harbor Multi- Care Ctr2000 E Gun Hill Rd Bronx, NY. 10469(718) 320-0400
Kingsbridge Heights Nursing Hm3426 Cannon Pl Bronx, NY. 10463(718) 549-9025
Kingsbridge Heights Rehab799 E Gun Hill Rd Bronx, NY. 10467(718) 547-8785
Kittay House2550 Webb Ave Bronx, NY. 10468(718) 579-0420
Laconia Nursing Home1050 E 230th St Bronx, NY. 10466(718) 654-5875
Lincoln Medical & Mental Hlth234 E 149th St Bronx, NY. 10451(718) 579-5000
Loeb Center/montefiore Med Ctr111 E 210th St Bronx, NY. 10467(718) 920-4696
Manhattanville Nursing Care311 W 231st St Bronx, NY. 10463(718) 601-8400
Maria Isabel Housing787 E 149th St # 1a Bronx, NY. 10455(718) 402-8078
Medco Enterprises Inc3356 Perry Ave Bronx, NY. 10467(718) 655-3568
Mid Bronx Desperadoes Family1690 Bryant Ave Frnt Bronx, NY. 10460(718) 901-6480
Montefiore Medical Ctr1825 Eastchester Rd Bronx, NY. 10461(718) 931-3900
Montefiore Medical Ctr111 E 210th St Bronx, NY. 10467(718) 920-4321
Montefiore Substance Abuse Trt2005 Jerome Ave # 2 Bronx, NY. 10453(718) 583-0600
Morningside House Nursing Home1000 Pelham Pkwy S Bronx, NY. 10461(718) 409-8200
Morris Park Nursing Home1235 Pelham Pkwy N Bronx, NY. 10469(718) 231-4300
Mt Sinai Laundry & Dist Ctr850 E 138th St Bronx, NY. 10454(718) 402-0033
New York Foundling Hospital830 Southern Blvd Bronx, NY. 10459(718) 617-1622
New York Foundling Hospital820 Thieriot Ave Bronx, NY. 10473(718) 378-2519
North Central Bronx Hospital3424 Kossuth Ave Bronx, NY. 10467(718) 519-5000
Ny City Health & Hospital1865 Morris Ave # 336 Bronx, NY. 10453(718) 731-6347
Ny Foundling Hospital Bronx369 E 149th St Fl 2 Bronx, NY. 10455(718) 993-7600
Nyc Health & Hospital Corp1 Fordham Plz # 501 Bronx, NY. 10458(718) 220-5500
Ogden Primary Care Practice1067 Ogden Ave Bronx, NY. 10452(718) 466-3220
Olmmc Family Healthcare1419 Shakespeare Ave Bronx, NY. 10452(718) 538-6311
Our Lady Of Mercy4219 Vireo Ave Bronx, NY. 10470(718) 920-1600
Our Lady Of Mercy Hospital1870 Pelham Pkwy S Bronx, NY. 10461(718) 430-6016
Our Lady Of Mercy Medical Ctr1870 Pelham Pkwy S Bronx, NY. 10461(718) 430-6000
Our Lady Of Mercy Medical Ctr600 E 233rd St Bronx, NY. 10466(718) 920-9000
Our Lady Of Mercy Senior Citiz4170 Carpenter Ave Bronx, NY. 10466(718) 652-3175
Pain Management Nyc (bronx)2044 Westchester Ave Bronx, NY. 10461(718) 645-2829
Palisades Imaging3555 Johnson Ave Bronx, NY. 10463(718) 796-1200
Palladia Inc Starhill/ Intensive Residential1600 Macombs Road Bronx, NY. 10452(718) 299-3300
Park View Nursing Home6585 Broadway Bronx, NY. 10471(718) 549-2200
Parkview Home For Adults3200 Bronx Blvd Bronx, NY. 10467(718) 547-9300
Pelham Parkway Nursing Home2401 Laconia Ave Bronx, NY. 10469(718) 798-8600
Poe Medical & Dental2432 Grand Concourse Fl 1 Bronx, NY. 10458(718) 817-7900
Providence Rest Sisters3304 Waterbury Ave Bronx, NY. 10465(718) 931-3000
Regeis Care Ctr3200 Baychester Ave Bronx, NY. 10475(718) 320-3700
Riverdale Manor Home-Adult6355 Broadway Bronx, NY. 10471(718) 549-3300
Riverdale Nursing Home641 W 230th St Bronx, NY. 10463(718) 796-4800
School Health Program Ces 731020 Anderson Ave Bronx, NY. 10452(718) 681-5922
Split Rock Nursing Home3525 Baychester Ave Bronx, NY. 10466(718) 798-8900
St Barnabas Community Enterprises Chemical Depende183rd Street And 3rd Avenue Mills Building 3rd Floor Bronx, NY. 10457(718) 960-6170
St Barnabas Community Enterprises Meth Sa Trt Dept4535 3rd Avenue Bronx, NY. 10457(718) 960-6214
St Barnabas Family Health Ctr2021 Grand Concourse # 502 Bronx, NY. 10453(718) 960-3933
St Barnabas Family Health Pvln1967 Turnbull Ave Fl 2 Bronx, NY. 10473(718) 960-9334
St Barnabas Hospital1967 Turnbull Ave Bronx, NY. 10473(718) 409-2633
St Barnabas Hospital183rd St & 3rd Ave Bronx, NY. 10458(718) 960-9000
St Barnabas Hospital2595 Webster Ave Bronx, NY. 10458(718) 933-2667
St Barnabas Primary Care Ctr1 Fordham Plz Bronx, NY. 10458(718) 960-3800
St Patrick's Home For The Aged66 Van Cortlandt Park S Bronx, NY. 10463(718) 519-2800
St Vincent De Paul Nursing900 Intervale Ave Bronx, NY. 10459(718) 589-6965
Terrace Health Care Ctr2678 Kingsbridge Ter Bronx, NY. 10463(718) 796-5800
Tiffany Primary Care Practice853 Tiffany St Bronx, NY. 10459(718) 378-4764
Union Hospital Of The Bronx260 E 188th St Bronx, NY. 10458(718) 220-2020
United Bronx Parents Inc (ubp) Chemical Dependence966 Prospect Avenue 2nd Floor Bronx, NY. 10459(718) 617-6060
United Bronx Parents Inc (ubp) La Casita834 East 156th Street Bronx, NY. 10455(718) 292-9808
University Nursing Home2505 Grand Ave Bronx, NY. 10468(718) 295-1400
Us Veterans Hospital130 W Kingsbridge Rd Bronx, NY. 10468(718) 584-9000
Usa Fibroid Centers384 E 149th St, Ste 201 Bronx, NY. 10455(347) 580-5015
Usa Fibroid Centers5221 Broadway Bronx, NY. 10463(347) 380-9866
Usa Fibroid Centers2157 White Plains Rd Bronx, NY. 10462(347) 824-2065
Usa Fibroid Centers947 Southern Blvd Bronx, NY. 10459(718) 393-5329
Usa Fibroid Centers11 E Fordham, Ste A Bronx, NY. 10468(718) 513-5877
Usa Fibroid Centers3485-91 Jerome Avenue(bronx) Bronx, NY. 10467(347) 745-7458
Usa Fibroid Centers1949 Westchester Ave, Ste A Bronx, NY. 10462(929) 249-5039
Usa Vascular Centers5221 Broadway (marble Hill) Bronx, NY. 10463(646) 762-4582
Usa Vascular Centers384 E 149th Street, Ste 201 Bronx, NY. 10455(347) 343-7234
Usa Vascular Centers2157 White Plains Road Bronx, NY. 10462(646) 762-4584
Usa Vascular Centers11 E Fordham Road, Ste A Bronx, NY. 10468(718) 513-5855
Usa Vascular Centers947 Southern Boulevard Bronx, NY. 10459(646) 663-1256
Usa Vascular Centers3485-91 Jerome Avenue Bronx, NY. 10467(347) 547-3099
Usa Vein Clinics947 Southern Blvd Bronx, NY. 10459(718) 732-1071
Usa Vein Clinics11 E Fordham Ste A Bronx, NY. 10468(718) 513-5880
Usa Vein Clinics5199 Broadway Bronx, NY. 10463(929) 297-0692
Usa Vein Clinics384 E 149th St, Ste 201 Bronx, NY. 10455(347) 897-5441
Usa Vein Clinics5221 Broadway Bronx, NY. 10463(718) 928-9578
Usa Vein Clinics2157 White Plains Rd Bronx, NY. 10462(347) 897-5244
Vip Community Services Medically Supervised Outpat770 East 176th Street Bronx, NY. 10460(718) 583-5315
Vip Community Services Mens Residential Drug Progr1790 Marmion Avenue Bronx, NY. 10460(718) 542-8770
Wayne Health Related Fclty/snf3530 Wayne Ave Bronx, NY. 10467(718) 655-1700
Weinberg Apartments2275 Olinville Ave Bronx, NY. 10467(718) 655-0695
White Plains Nursing Home3845 Carpenter Ave Bronx, NY. 10467(718) 798-1100
Williamsbridge Manor1540 Tomlinson Ave Bronx, NY. 10461(718) 892-6600
Women In Need Inc Casa Rita Drug Abuse Clinic391 East 149th Street 6th Floor Bronx, NY. 10455(718) 402-0066
Workmen's Circle Home For Aged3155 Grace Ave Bronx, NY. 10469(718) 379-8100

Say "Get Well Soon" With Cheerful Flowers!

Lift their spirits with one of our beautiful get well soon flower arrangements. A fun and vibrant floral arrangement will always brighten their day.

Is someone you know recovering from surgery, feeling under the weather, or battling a long-term illness? Send them a bouquet of joyful flowers in hopes of a speedy recovery.

What are popular, cheerful flowers?

  • Sunflowers
  • Daisies
  • Chrysanthemums
  • Yellow Roses
  • Peace Lilies
  • Daffodils
  • Orchids

    Not only do you need to consider the colors of your flowers but also the aroma and size of the arrangement. Hospital rooms are compact. Consider those factors when placing your order.

    What should I say in my get well card?

  • Hope you get to feeling better soon!
  • Wishing you a speedy recovery so you can get back to being your amazing self!
  • I look forward to having your light back in my life. Get well soon!
  • Work isn't the same without you. Hoping to see your smiling face soon!
  • Feet better, friend! Sending lots of hugs and healing your way.
  • I'm glad your surgery went well. Wishing you a speedy recovery!

    Can I select a hospital for my get well soon flower delivery?

    Yes, of course, you can! We offer a list of area hospitals that we can deliver to! Make sure to check what ward your recipient is in, as some Intensive Care Units do not accept flowers.

    Don't see your hospital on our list? No worries! We can work to get your flowers delivered no matter the final destination.